DTC Responds to SEC RFI With Notice of New RegTech/WealthTech Offering

Its game changing technology may effect what the SEC views as possible and reasonable in its evolving review of RegBI requirements.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troy, MI – November 11, 2021 – Decision Technologies Corporation (DTC) has announced that it has responded to the SEC’s recently issued RFI regarding use of technology to develop and provide investment-advice, SEC RFI – FILE NO. S7-10-21, with a description of its newly launched ProRapidReview Tool (“ProRRT”), the first-of-its-kind RegTech/WealthTech application of its patented decision-assistance technology.

DTC’s ProRRT enables investment advisors and securities brokers to select multiple performance parameters and hierarchically arrange and weight them, profiling the ideal “investment effect” desired within any covered asset class. Using this composite blend of weighted performance factors, advisors and brokers can rapidly and objectively score and rank hundreds of choices, identifying which mutual funds and ETFs have been the best at producing the composite investment results they and their investor clients are seeking over time.

“After more than a decade of in-house testing and use with advisors and individual investors,” says Eric Smith, the Chairman & CEO of DTC, “we believe that in making it more broadly available, this technology will ultimately change the way investment selection is performed. This submission could ultimately affect what the SEC and other regulators view as regulatorily possible and reasonable.” 

Smith believes that “the combined RegTech and WealthTech effects of this technology could prove to be a ‘game changer,’ especially in helping users stay ahead of evolving new regulations and in conferring a meaningful competitive edge to early adopters through improving transparency, filtering out conflicts of interest, and enhancing chances of improving investment results.”

Read DTC’s response to the SEC’s RFI here.

DTC is the creator of the cutting-edge, patented decision-assistance technology which enables users of data, in a broad range of applications, to score and rank thousands of choices in a manner specific to individual needs, goals, and preferences by applying user-specified weighted blends of performance and other characteristics. Its decision engines are designed to address a growing challenge faced by people in in both their businesses and personal lives – the often-paralyzing complexity of decision making in a world of too many choices and too much information about them. DTC’s technology empowers users to optimize their choices in an objective way, cutting through market “noise”, filtering out conflicts of interest, and increasing probabilities of future success through facilitating better choices.

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